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The Road to El Dorado, Popular DVD

When it comes to Cheap Disney dvds, I usually passed in the past. Don Bluth did some breakaway stuff in the early eighties and there have been the occasional gems outside of the box like The Iron Giant. But before it hit paydirt with Shrek, DreamWorks animation department wasn't getting my money or my interest. I actually bought this movie on disney DVD as a last-minute stocking stuffer for my younger daughter and now its a family favorite. Tulio and Miguel...two 16th century con-artist sheisters who win a treasure map to the fabled City Of Gold - El Dorado hidden somewhere in the new world. Formulaic? So some reviewers say. I disagree. This movie is hysterically funny. Kenneth Branaugh and Kevin Kline are classic...and Rosie Perez is the sexiest animated character since Jessica Rabbit hit the big screen all those years ago. Some say that this isn't geared for children...and I gotta admit that there is a little bit of sexual tension going on here and there, but nothing to outlandish. Overall even the Elton John songs are catchy and you'll find yourself humming along if you're not careful. Renewed my faith in walt disney dvds.

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