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Wednesday 15 February, 2012 | RSS Feed

Bambi DVD, An Successful Disney DVD

Bambi is one of our family's favorite Walt disney dvds and we all enjoyed this new version with all of its extras. It teaches the children about the importance of family and how the father can take over if the mother is not available. There are songs by some of our favorite singers, which is an extra. The disney DVD has many pluses in addition to the beautiful movie, including games, cute mobiles, and more. In addition to the very sincere adherence to the visual style, it is the sound track that impresses, with the great Patrick Stewart voicing the Great Prince and a spot-on voice cast clearly chosen for their accuracy in reproducing the original cast instead of relying on a lot of celebrity names. The young boy voicing Thumper is especially amazing. It is a triumph of smart voice casting over marketing demands. I'm sure we will enjoy watching it many times in the future. I understand it is to be available for only a limited time. Worth adding to your Walt Disney DVD Online library.

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